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Domestic Tourism Boom & how to make the most of it

Domestic Tourism Boom & how to make the most of it

Some Australian destinations are seeing a tourism boom as international boarders remain closed and are expected to remind that way for some time.

As a tourism business or destination, how do you make the most of this current boom, while also positioning your destination or business to withstand the changes when international tourism opens back up and domestic visitors start returning to overseas destinations?

Go digital – to attract engaged young Australia’s (who would normally be travelling internationally right now) or busy families you have to exist online!! Make sure you have a website where people can book your experience or accommodation online with instant payment & booking confirmation.  Keep your social media platforms up to date with engaging content and relavent information about opening hours and any new initiatives that are taking place. Keep your TripAdvisor listing current and update your business details on Google.

Continuous engagement and improvement – Did a guest book your experience via a third party website or app and you no longer have their details? Make sure to get their email address with consent to add to your e-news letter so you can stay in touch with them and next time, they can book direct.  Ask guests to contact you directly about any critical feedback to improve the experience and if they enjoyed the experience to leave photos and reviews on google, Facebook, TripAdvisor and to tag your business on Instagram. Make sure you stay in contact with your gusts by engaging social media posts, e-newsletters and follow up emails, so that when you next have a promotion, guests who already know and love your experience will be tempted to come back for more.

Industry accreditations – tourism destinations and business can apply for industry accreditations like the quality tourism Australia accreditation, eco-tourism Australia or B-Corp certification. Having these industry accreditations makes sure that your business is meeting the industry standards, grows consumer confidence in your business or destination and will open you up to networking, awards, marketing, media and digital engagement opportunities.

Media content creation – Photos and videos are the best way to showcase your product, destination or experience to potential customers. Make sure you digital presence is overflowing with high-quality professional photos and videos that attract and engage your potential customers.

Grants – Check for grants in your local area: Some that may be of interest…

Visit and search for grants in your area.

If you are not sure where to start, contact our team of experts to find out how we can help you.

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