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Increase accommodation earnings by 40%

Increase accommodation earnings by 40%

How can you increase your accommodation earnings by 40%? According to Airbnb, hosts with professional photos tend to earn more than other hosts in the same area, 40% more! Hosts are likely to have 24% more bookings and on average increase their nightly price by 26% after upgrading their photos.

Photos are the fist things that prospective guests look at when comparing listings and it’s a no brainer that listings with beautiful photos have a higher hit rate, the more photos you have, the more people will be excited to browse them, allowing them to spend more time on your listing.

So how can you improve the photos on your listing?

5 tips for taking better photos for your accommodation listings!

  1. Lighting – use natural light whenever possible, so open up the curtains, blinds and shades, shoot during the middle of the day (overcast is best) and turn off the lamps (this helps reduce difficult color casts).
  2. Camera angles – Shoot into the corners of the room, ideally with a wide-angle lens or function on your smart phone. This creates the perception of the space looking wider.
  3. Set the scene – Photograph the outside as well as the inside, this helps set peoples expectations of their arrival. Photograph the area; sell the destination as well as the accommodation, what’s within walking distance, the beaches, the wildlife, the park and local café. Don’t forget to also highlight the unique amenities and special touches, like the bath salts, tea making facilities, the included arrival bottle of wine or breakfast baskets.
  4. De-clutter & clean – Make sure the space has been recently cleaned and remove cluttering items from any tables, counter tops and other surfaces.
  5. Get a professional – Get a professional photographer in with quality professional equipment like tripods, wide-angle lens and a drone. The session will take between 1 and 2 hours and you’ll end up with a folder full of high-quality photos to add to your listing (and potential website!)

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