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About Us

About Navigate Tourism

  • Over a decade of experience in all areas of the Tourism Sector
  • Experience on every continent including Antarctica
  • Passion for environmentally and economically sustainable problem solving

The Navigate Tourism Solutions is led by Jess Taunton and consists of a broad network of associates with expertise in all areas of tourism. From creative content managers, graphic designers, photographers and videographers, industry experts in marketing, sustainability, project management, destination development, environmental consultants and business planning.

Jess has a degree in anthropology and worldwide experience in logistics organisation and guiding with tour company Chris Bray Photography and more recently managed an eco-lodge on Christmas Island with Chris Bray from inception to completion.

Jess contributed to designing, building, managing, guiding, marketing, administration and housekeeping at Swell Lodge on Christmas Island. While living on Christmas Island she was a member of the ‘Christmas Island Tourism Association’. As well as Swell Lodge, Jess has partially owned and operated Chris Bray Photography, a tour company specializing in taking small groups of photographers all over the world, to photograph amazing wildlife, natural scenery and stay in some of the most unique locations in the world. Travelling to Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Patagonia, Alaska, Galapagos, Kenya and many Australian destinations. Prior to Chris Bray Photography & Swell Lodge she has a degree in anthropology working with remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and has also enjoyed the privilege of working in the outdoor education industry with Southbound adventures with qualifications and experience in climbing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, abseiling, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. She’s sailed a 29ft junk rig yacht through the Northwest Passage with Chris Bray and has since done many bike touring journeys through New Zealand and Australia, last winter cycling from Kalaru to Brisbane on a tandem bike.

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